Quick Facts About Matatiele

The name “Matatiele” is clearly a Sotho word, based on the Sesotho phrase “matata aile” meaning “the ducks have gone” (but this suggestion runs into the problem that the town’s name is [matatiela] and not *[matatiele]).

In Phuthi, the town name is pronounced “Madadiyela”. The common informal name for the town in any of the languages mentioned, including English, is “Matat”. Those who are born there call it “sweet Matat”. The town became more popular when a Generation producer (TV show) Mfundi Vundla wrote a story about Matatiele Where the Actor real name “Nambitha Mpulawana” acted as a Matatiele Born. there was also a Tv show called “Matatiele” that aired two families Xhosa and Sesotho families who were not getting along at all but unfortunately they could not stop children from dating, that forced them to sit on the table to negotiate lobola (maney paid as token of appreciation to the girl’s family). Matatiele was also put on a sportlight by Mzansi Magic(DSTV) by airing a show called mantolwana on Mzansi bioskop acted by”Scelo Mamle”

Matatiele is a small friendly town, and visitors are always astonished at the cleanliness of our area. A mere 30 km from Lesotho, with 3 border posts and fantastic mountain passes, Matatiele becomes the perfect base from which to explore Lesotho and the Southern Drakensberg.

There are plenty of routes into Lesotho from Matatiele to explore, with many magnificent viewsites such as the Horse-Shoe Gorge on the Orange River and the Huge Cave, which can shelter 3000 sheep as well as the Suspension Bridge and Sehlabethebe.

With the various habitats such as Wetlands, Grasslands and Mountains, Bird-watching is excellent, with some special sightings such as the Rudd's Lark, Blue Crane, Crowned Crane, Wattled Crane and Bald Ibis. Matatiele experiences pleasant warm summers and snowy winters, and fishing can be enjoyed all-year round, as species include trout, bass and

The trout fly-fishing is absolutely awesome and the beauty of the locations is unsurpassed.
Mountain Lake provides excellent fly-fishing for trout.

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