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Ramasgate Challenge

The Ramasgate Challenge ride is a Roof training ride which has been put together by Ian McDonald from Rock Rabbitts, Faan Van Deventer, Sakkie Maartens and Natal WFO.


Matat2Pont is an annual 3 day marquee event, which begins in Matatiele where riders ride through some challenging sections of the mountainous region of the Eastern Cape, through Kokstad southern KZN, passing some undulating hills, valleys and river crossings towards Harding, and finally passing over the infamous floating bridge at The Pont in Port Edward.
The event attracts thousands of riders, spectators and live broadcast viewers on social media


Ongeluks Nek was so named in about 1860 after one of the trekkers in the Griqua trek to ‘Nomansland’ died from a gun-shot wound. This pass is strictly for offroad vehicles only. They must have low range and adequate ground clearance as this track is usually rutted, muddy and quite difficult to negotiate. For offroad bikers, mostly this pass is a tough nut to crack and it has humbled many egos.

Matatiele Nature Reserve

Matatiele Nature Reserve, Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation Area, Drakensberg, South Africa

Call: 039 737 3565

Matatiele nature reserve serves a tranquil and quiet atmosphere with soothing sounds from
various bird species every now and then.

This reserve lies beside the south of the town of Matatiele and is cared for by the local municipality making it a national heritage with a lake that offers 30 ha of deep, trout-filled waters, with rolling grasslands and pristine wetlands.

It also comprises of pastures, patches of Protea woodlands, rocky slopes and beautiful views of the resting hills and Drakensberg mountain range. The pasture is short enough for some wild animals such as the rudd’s lark to survive in, making the reserve to be one of the few reserves in South Africa for these endangered species to inhabit.

The ancient San rock art gives a touch of history and aesthetics that the municipality has proudly preserved. Bird lovers are in for a treat in this reserve, since there is a variety of bird species like the woodpecker, Gurney’s sugarbird, Cape eagle owl and many more.

Wild animals including the red hartebeest and mountain reedbuck are some of the latest additions to the Matatiele nature reserve.

A visit to this nature reserve will pay off to any outdoor enthusiast.